.NET tools for developing web and desktop mapping applications

MapAround makes it easy to develop rich interactive .NET-based applications with GIS functionality. Ideal for solving most common problems when working on a geospatial software.

MapAround renders great looking maps, has the facilities to build handy user interface, implements robust spatial analysis methods, provides access to plenty of the spatial data sources (both files and databases), supports industry standarts like WMS, WKB, WKT.

  • Speedy rendering
  • Thematic mapping with custom colors and symbols
  • Smart labeling
  • Native .NET
  • Windows Forms, ASP.NET and JavaScript controls
  • Simple and extensible object model
  • Wide range of GIS data formats
  • On-the-fly projection
  • Spatial queries
  • Robust geometry and topology algorythms
  • Spatial operations on the spheroid's surfase
  • Industry standarts (WMS, WKB, WKT)
Statistics of the Russian Federation
Nizhny Novgorod City Map
Map of the Penza region